Monday, February 20, 2017

Paula Dean Store And Restaurant In Savannah, Georgia

Paula Dean Video Of Her Store And Restaurant In Savannah, Georgia Check out Paula Deans "The Lady & Son's" Gift Shop and Restaurant in Savannah, Georgia. Here are 7 Great Paula Dean Quotes. 1. Life is too short to wonder where you hid your waffle maker. 2. Sadly, in today's times, pies are an endangered dessert. 3. I would not want to live in a world without fried pork chops. 4. I have always said that I don't care for uppity food and I can't cook it. 5. Most anytime you put two Southern cooks in the same kitchen you will sense a little cordial disagreement. 6. Baking is big in the South—whether it's a biscuit or a roll, we love something in our hand to put some butter on, or to sop up pot liquor. 7. Then there's ham. Hallelujah! _________________________________